Tiny Solar Powered Toy Car Will Keep On Going As Long As There is Sunlight

conservation of energy should be instill from young and so it only makes sense to grab toys that could educate junior about it? this tiny little thing called Solar Tiny Power Car is one such toy. it may not stack up to those complex (and pricey, if we might add) kit that supposedly teaches your […]

COI+ LEGO Power Brick Portable Battery

at 120mm x 72mm x 13mm and 115g, the LEGO Power Brick Portable Battery from Taiwanese design studio CO!+ is not exactly the most portable-friendly. seriously, there are an ocean of options out there that are way more portable, but size ain’t an issue here. not a bit. because…

Limited Edition Iron Mark VII iPhone Case

some people just love how sleek their iPhone 5 look and will not, for anything in the world, ruin that excellency. but if you have a case that is as freaking cool as the Limited Edition Iron Mark VII iPhone Case, we guess any Iron Man fans would be able to look pass the sleekness factor. in fact, we can’t see why any Iron Man fans wouldn’t fancy this.