Loewe SoundVision and SoundBox

Loewe SoundVision
(photos: Loewe) Loewe SoundVision (£1,250) and SoundBox (£499) | www.loewe-int.de

gone were the days where a good hi-fi system requires stack and stack of components and huge amount of cables snaking behind an impossibly awkward cabinet. that was our grandpa’s era standards and they just don’t fit into our modern interior decor where minimalism is the order of the day. what we need is something that offers great sound quality, flexibility and yet, do not require a rocket scientist to set it up. that calls for a sound system like the Loewe SoundVision or the Loewe SoundBox. the former sports a sound bar design and is loaded with features like a gorgeous 7.5-inch multitouch display, six speakers (including two subwoofers), integrated FM radio, access to Internet radio, CD player (slot-in style, no less), USB input, a dock for your iPhone or iPod, wireless connectivity that includes WIFI and Bluetooth, and interchangeable color side inserts. the chassis comes in either Aluminum Silver or Aluminum Black, of which the former reminiscences of the timeless 70s audiophile equipment but this time round, you will need just one sleek, slim-line unit to do the job. the SoundBox, on the other hand, offers a more affordable solution with features like CD player, an iPhone/iPod dock, a clock with alarm clock functionality, a FM radio, a USB input, headphone audio-out jack, and a pair of 4-inch full range drivers, and two digital stereo amplifiers. interchangeability is also on the menu for the SoundBox with the top cover and the fine fabric cover changeable to suit individual taste. the Loewe SoundVision is not cheap though: expect to shell out a good £1,250 (about US$1,968) for such a full-featured modern sound system, while the SoundBox goes on a more affordable route with its £499 (about US$785) price tag. more images of this duo follows after the break.

Loewe via What HiFi (ref#2)

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