SwitchEasy SafeKeys for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

SwitchEasy SafeKeys 544x311px
(credit: SwitchEasy) SwitchEasy SafeKeys for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro | US$24.99 | www.switcheasy.com

we all love our shiny silver fruity gadgets but sometimes, it helps if we could spice things up a little with a color or two – just to break the monotony. instead of splurging hundreds to get your MacBook Air or Pro colored, why not just introduce a color to your laptop’s keyboard with SwitchEasy SafeKeys? it is totally painless and installs (and removes) in a second. SafeKeys is basically a keyboard protector made from tear-resistant silicone material, coated on the top-side for a soft touch feel and the underside given a polished treatment for an grime-free environment for the keys. like any good keyboard protector, it keeps dirt and fluids out from your otherwise venerable keyboard and at the same, gives user a quieter typing sound. in short, it looks as good as it functions. the SwitchEasy SafeKeys comes in five hues: Black, Blue, Crystal, Lime and Pink, and are available now in limited quantity for Macbook Pro, MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch, for $24.99 a pop.
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