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review: SwitchEasy Duo leather case for iPhone 4S/4

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(photos: mike)

ok, just managed to get hold of a SwitchEasy Duo iPhone case for iPhone 4S/4. aesthetically, it is pleasing to look at and feels a little on the classy side of things. crafted from genuine leather (though no mention of what kind of leather) for the exterior and the interior lined with micro-fiber. SwitchEasy said that the micro-fiber not gives the phone the soft protection but it will also clean your phone’s screen as you insert and retrieve it from the case. trust me, it doesn’t. perhaps, it is true for dust but fingerprints and smudges still remains after a lengthy test. this case was tested with an iPhone 4 with Gelaskins applied and it still fit quite well but short of being snug. the Duo has an innovative way to insert your iPhone: user can either slot in from either the top or bottom of the case, and thanks to its clever inner fabric strap, your iPhone will remain in place and not fall out from the other side. Continue reading review: SwitchEasy Duo leather case for iPhone 4S/4

SwitchEasy SafeKeys for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

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(credit: SwitchEasy) SwitchEasy SafeKeys for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro | US$24.99 | www.switcheasy.com

we all love our shiny silver fruity gadgets but sometimes, it helps if we could spice things up a little with a color or two – just to break the monotony. instead of splurging hundreds to get your MacBook Air or Pro colored, why not just introduce a color to your laptop’s keyboard with SwitchEasy SafeKeys? it is totally painless and installs (and removes) in a second. SafeKeys is basically a keyboard protector made from tear-resistant silicone material, coated on the top-side for a soft touch feel and the underside given a polished treatment for an grime-free environment for the keys. like any good keyboard protector, it keeps dirt and fluids out from your otherwise venerable keyboard and at the same, gives user a quieter typing sound. in short, it looks as good as it functions. the SwitchEasy SafeKeys comes in five hues: Black, Blue, Crystal, Lime and Pink, and are available now in limited quantity for Macbook Pro, MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch, for $24.99 a pop. Continue reading SwitchEasy SafeKeys for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

SwitchEasy Thins protects your iPad without bulking it up

SwitchEasy Thins for iPad and iPad 2 544x288px
(credit: SwitchEasy) SwitchEasy Thins for iPad and iPad 2 | US$39.99 | www.switcheasy.com

iPad (original or two) is a revolutionary gadget that’s thin and sleek, so it certainly makes no sense to bulk it up while trying to protect it. with that in mind, SwitchEasy introduces us to Thins, an ultra thin 4-mm sleeving tailored from Neoprene material (you know, the stuff used in wetsuit?) and for that added touch of exquisite build, it has gone stitch-less by using heat-sealing technology to put the Neoprene material together. a reinforced flap keeps your iPad safely within the sleeve when on the go. for those who also uses or intended to use SwitchEasy CoverBuddy or NUDE for iPad 2, you will be glad to know that they will still fit within this beautiful sleeve. Continue reading SwitchEasy Thins protects your iPad without bulking it up

five awesome iPod Nano watch conversion kits

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(credit: All Geek Everything/LunaTik/Incase/Griffin/SwitchEasy)

throughout the evolution of the iPod Nano, the sixth generation stands out the most as it is the only iteration that’s suited to be converted into a touchscreen watch with a simple accessory. though i can’t say that the market is flooded with such an accessory, but it is safe to say that it is not lacking of it either. today, we shortlisted five of those nifty gadget accessories that will convert your otherwise run-of-the-mill media player into a cool touchscreen wristwatch. Continue reading five awesome iPod Nano watch conversion kits

SwitchEasy Odyssey is the first 3-piece iPhone case

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(image credit: SwitchEasy) SwitchEassy Odyssey | US$29.99 | switcheasy.com

new from SwitchEasy is this 3-piece hybrid iPhone 4 case, dubbed the Odyssey. yea, it’s a hybrid alright. hybrid in the sense that a few materials were used to form up this 3-piece case. aesthetically, the Odyssey has a very retro feel to it and it kind of reminds me of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: a space odyssey (MGM, 1968). the Odyssey uses materials like the ADSP (adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer) for the inner casing, super tough polycarbonate for the frame and a scratch-resistant hydro polymer for the back panel. looks like SwitchEasy really takes the iPhone case design very seriously and took great effort to ensure the Odyssey is not only aesthetically beautiful but also provides serious protection for your iPhone 4.

it came as a surprise that the Odyssey iPhone 4 case’s retail price remains affordable, at $29.99, despite the 3-piece construction and the choice of materials used. with this price, it comes packaged with a full suite of accessories which include two interchangeable back panels (choice of two color options), two anti-static screen protectors, one micro-fiber wipe, one squeegee screen protector applicator, two universal dock adapters (in pearl white and piano black), one video dock stand, two power jack connector protectors and two 3.5mm headphones jack protectors. wow. that sounds like a lot of ‘freebies’ that comes with a modest $29.99 retail price tag.

the Odyssey comes in a choice of seven colors combo for you to choose from. no dimensions were given, but judging from the photos, it is safe to say it might just add a little bulk to the slim iPhone 4. well, the bulking up is the price to pay (beside paying for price of the case) for that extra protections.

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