review: SwitchEasy Duo leather case for iPhone 4S/4

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ok, just managed to get hold of a SwitchEasy Duo iPhone case for iPhone 4S/4. aesthetically, it is pleasing to look at and feels a little on the classy side of things. crafted from genuine leather (though no mention of what kind of leather) for the exterior and the interior lined with micro-fiber. SwitchEasy said that the micro-fiber not gives the phone the soft protection but it will also clean your phone’s screen as you insert and retrieve it from the case. trust me, it doesn’t. perhaps, it is true for dust but fingerprints and smudges still remains after a lengthy test. this case was tested with an iPhone 4 with Gelaskins applied and it still fit quite well but short of being snug. the Duo has an innovative way to insert your iPhone: user can either slot in from either the top or bottom of the case, and thanks to its clever inner fabric strap, your iPhone will remain in place and not fall out from the other side.
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the leather case is thick and will add some bulk to the phone but that’s where the protection comes in. as mentioned earlier, don’t expect a very snug fit and thus, overturning and lightly shaking the case will result in the phone slipping out. so you have to be mindful of how you hold the case when the phone is inside. overall, the craftsmanship is what you would expect from SwitchEasy but it is still a little short of being perfect. as you can see from the image after the break, the phone is not perfectly aligned at the top. if you are a perfectionist like me, you would probably want to give it a miss but given the good craftsmanship and classy look, i might actually turn a blind eye to this wee flaw. the case comes packaged with two anti-static screen protectors, a micro-fiber cloth and a screen protector applicator which has become a standard for any SwitchEasy iPhone cases these days. at around $29.90 a pop, it is certainly quite a bargain for a small leather goods – that’s if you can overlook the tiny flaw as reviewed.

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