Click To Pray eRosary

The Vatican’s Click To Pray app introduced earlier this year just got an upgrade – courtesy of a tangible accessory, a wearable rosary which it calls eRosary. Well, now that’s keeping up with times.

Click To Pray eRosary

The eRosary can be worn as a bracelet and activates by making the sign of the cross. It works with the Click To Pray app on your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and comes with a sleek wireless charging stand.

Learning about the gospel, praying guide and whatnot still falls back on the app. What the wearable does is shows you the progress and keeps track of each rosary completed.

Click To Pray eRosary

As a boon, it is also a fitness tracker of sort which you can review those data from the app. So, your 99 euros (or about US$110) investment its not just for praying for world peace.

Last checked, the device is on sale, but it appears to be available through Acer Italy and as such, only available to Italy residents.

Images: Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.

Source: Engadget.