Though religion is an ancient belief that is several thousand years old, it has to keep up with times to remain relevant and in the case of Roman Catholics, it is keeping abreast with technology. On Sunday (January 20), Pope Francis officially launched a new app for Android and iOS, called Click to Pray, that will allow devotees to pray with him. From what we understand, “pray with Pope” does not mean praying with the Spiritual leader, side-by-side, virtually at the same time.

Click To Pray Smartphone Application
Credit: Apple App Store.

Instead, with the app, which is part of the Vatican’s latest digital platform called Worldwide Network of Prayer with the Pope, users will be in the know on what the Pope is praying for and so users can join in the prayer. According to the app’s description, the app even boast Pope’s video too, so you will be, you know, motivated to pray. You can also set reminder for time to pray, plus the app also lets you write your intentions and prayer wishes, so everyone can pray for you too.

Click To Pray Smartphone Application
Credit: Google Play Store.

Well, about that… I guess one has to keep in mind that what you write and wished for can be seen by someone (possibly everyone?), and so, you’d better be mindful not to write something too personal. Just saying… Anywho… the most intriguingly thing about this app is, it will count the number of times you have prayed and logged it on the app’s prayers counter because, well, every prayer counts? Now, how that’s for futurism?

Click To Pray Smartphone Application
Credit: Google Play Store.

Featured image: Pope Francis launching the app with an iPad. Credit: Vatican Media.

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Images: Apple/Google.

Source: CNA.

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