five awesome iPod Nano watch conversion kits

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(credit: All Geek Everything/LunaTik/Incase/Griffin/SwitchEasy)

throughout the evolution of the iPod Nano, the sixth generation stands out the most as it is the only iteration that’s suited to be converted into a touchscreen watch with a simple accessory. though i can’t say that the market is flooded with such an accessory, but it is safe to say that it is not lacking of it either. today, we shortlisted five of those nifty gadget accessories that will convert your otherwise run-of-the-mill media player into a cool touchscreen wristwatch.
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TikTok and LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kit

TakTik 544x460px
(credit: LunaTik) LunaTik and TikTok Watch Kit | from US$39.95 |

the TikTok and LunaTik multi-touch watch kit has grown since the last time we have featured them here. it has progress from the initial black rubber and stainless steel combo into a handful of variants including the macho-looking TakTik Go Commando, the sporty LunaTik RedRun, an all-out black version LunaTik, as well as an all white version of the TikTok. to be honest, it is the TikTok-LunaTik that got me into liking the Nano. i was never a fan of such a tiny media player but it changes when Scott Wilson introduced the world to this wonderful conversion and not too mention the cool fact that you will be wearing a touchscreen watch. in general, Scott Wilson’s creation comes into two forms: the LunaTik offers a full encasement of your iPod Nano, thus giving more protection while making it ‘semi-permanent’ watch form. on the other hand, the TikTok is more of a ‘snap-on’ variant that lets you snap on and off as and when you desire.

prices start from $39.95 for the TikTok and Whiteout TikTok, $79.95 for LunaTik and LunaTik Red, $89.95 for the BlackOut LunaTik and the newest in the family, TakTik will set you back at $99.95. the prices is of course not including the lovely iPod Nano.

Incase Flex Wristband

Incase Flex Wristband 544x360px
(credit: Incase) Incase Flex Wristband | US$49.95 |

Incase just joined the rank of iPod Nano watch conversion bandwagon with its Flex Wristband. the Flex Wristband features a snap-on design (like the TikTok) and sports a flexible steel band that should expands to fit most wrist sizes. the snap-on design has open-sides that allows unobtrusive access to the headphone port, as well as the 30-pin connector which means you can still sync and recharge the Nano when it is in the Flex Wristband. the Flex Wristband’s minimalist steel band makes it suited for semi-formal or even formal occasion. the Incase Flex Wristband cost $49.95 a pop and are available via Incase web store.

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Griffin Slap Flexible Wristband

Griffin SLAP 544x348px
(credit: Griffin) Griffin Slap Flexible Wristband | US$24.99 |

the Griffin Slap Flexible Wristband took on a cheerful and casual route. what makes the Griffin item stands out is the use of the flexible, spring-steel band that conforms to the shape of your wrist. Slap Flexible Wristband has taken its inspiration from the once popular slap bracelet. instead of hard plastic for snapping on your iPod Nano, it has thick silicone frame to encase the Nano, hence providing the Nano some form of protection against knocks and bumps. the downside is, you will have to remove the Nano from the band if it needs to be recharged or synced. the Griffin Slap Flexible Wristband has a low price point of just $24.99, making it an inexpensive solution to convert your Nano to a cool touchscreen watch.

SwitchEasy TICKER iPod Nano

SwitchEasy Ticker 544x428px
(credit: SwitchEasy) SwitchEasy TICKER iPod Nano | US$24.99 |

SwitchEasy is not new in churning out accessories for iOS devices and their solution to convert your iPod Nano into a wristwatch is the SwitchEasy TICKER iPod Nano Accessories. the watch band is constructed from a specially developed Elastomer material that is said to be more durable and offer more shock resistant, and it features built-in buttons made out of highly durable polycarbornate for the added tactile feel. the SwitchEasy TICKER iPod Nano Accessories is available in a range of different hues to suit different style and taste, and retails for $24.99 a pop.

The Paradox Stainless Steel iPod Nano Watch Kit

Paradox iPod Nano Watch Kit 544x768px
(credit: All Geek Everthing) The Paradox Stainless Steel iPod Nano Watch Kit | from US$79.99 |

the Paradox Stainless Steel iPod Nano Watch Kit is the only pair that truly looks like a watch. constructed from high-grade stainless steel, the Paradox completely encases the iPod Nano and features embedded external buttons for user to access the hard buttons of the Nano. another cool feature is the stainless steel flap that opens up for you to access the 30-pin dock connector and concealing the port when not in use. this also means that you will not need to remove the Nano from the wrist band in order to recharge it or sync it. there are a total of three models available: the Natural Stainless Steel ($79.99), the Black Stainless Steel ($79.99) and the Limited Edition Titanium ($299.99).

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