Not every April Fool’s joke is just for laugh. Some good humor jokes, like the Kit Kat Sushi, the Space Smell Perfume, and the OnePlus tiny drone – for example, were either real or so brilliant that they eventually became a reality. And yes, the world is still waiting for the Razer Toaster… Anyhoo, here’s another April Fool’s joke turned real.

Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad

To put it more correctly, the Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad is a follow-up to last year’s Stack Overflow’s prank on its users turned real by Back on April 01, 2021, Stack Overflow users received a pop-up for The Key Macropad, a mini keyboard dedicated to cut and paste.

It was clearly a joke but it never stop the love it has amassed. Shortly after, made it real. Fast forward to today, is offering a second version (or second act, as Drop calls it) with the Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad.

Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad

The Key V2 features a 3-key configurable macropad which is hot-swappable for easy solder-free switch changing. In addition, the new iteration now gets a new acrylic case to let the onboard RGB LEDs shine. It is QMK programmable and the switches are Kailh Black Box switches.

Designed by Cassidy and made by Drop + Stack Overflow, The Key V2 is available in limited quantities and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of V2 will go to the tech-focused non-profit, data-driven social startup, digitalundivided. The Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad can be had as we speak from, priced at US$29.

Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad
Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad


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