If you’re one of the 320+ million plus people living in the U.S., the odds of you being sniffed by the Feds are pretty low, unless you have some reasons for them to do so. However, if you still can’t shake off that paranoia, then we suggest you grab a Project Blue Special Edition Anonabox PRO Router from Anonabox to cover your Internet habits, whatever they may be (seriously, we rather not know). Packed inside this little blue box is a host internet privacy technology, including TOR network and VPN encryption that will allow you to remain private and anonymous online, bypass censorship, provides access to deep web and allows connection to location specific content et cetera. Basically, it is the VPN you know, but in hardware form.

The device also touts an UI that suit both novice and power users The latter, if so choose to, will be able to gain in-depth control, as well as customizable configurations. Other features include third-party VPN interface, WiFi uplink, range extender function and USB port for filesharing. Anonabox PRO is based on the startup’s first Internet privacy solution, the Anonabox, first introduced on Indiegogo early 2015. Project Blue is a more comprehensive to its forebear, born with the aim to raise fund to help 72-year-old legendary hacker John Draper, aka Crunchman, to get his autobiography published.

In addition, Draper also requested that portion of the proceeds to towards non-profit organization, TOR (The Onion Router) Project. If you ask me, I’d say this is a meaningful endeavor, one which not supports Internet freedom but also a show of support for hacking’s founding fathers. In fact, supporting Draper’s biography will enable millions of people to read about his life story and his relentless crusade for Internet democracy. The Project Blue Special Edition Anonabox PRO Router is available exclusively on Indiegogo, priced at $115 and up.

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