Anonabox Tunneler WiFi VPN Router: VPN In Your Pocket [Review]

These days, accessing the Internet from the comfort of your own home network is no longer quite private as it used to be and this even more true if you are surfing on publicly available wireless networks. When on public wireless networks, there’s no telling if someone is snooping on your activity and you don’t […]

Anonabox Fawkes WiFi Tor Router: Internet Anonymity On-The-Go For Everyday User [Review]

As far as the Internet is concerned, no one’s privacy is safe. This is an area where a host of security solutions, both hardware and software, aim to address. Speaking of security solutions, you’d be hard pressed not to hear about Anonabox. This pocket-size, hardware solution has rolled in more funding pledge than you can […]

This Tiny Blue Box Will Keep Big Brother From Sniffing On Your Internet Activities

If you’re one of the 320+ million plus people living in the U.S., the odds of you being sniffed by the Feds are pretty low, unless you have some reasons for them to do so. However, if you still can’t shake off that paranoia, then we suggest you grab a Project Blue Special Edition Anonabox […]