Inside The Codecov Data Breach

Codecov is the name of an online software testing platform and reporting tool that inserts coverage metrics into CI (continuous integration) workflows. In essence, it’s there to help find coding problems. The company’s tools are widely relied upon, with some of its biggest customers including IBM, Procter and Gamble, Atlassian, GoDaddy, and the Washington Post.

4 Key Technologies For Startups

Life can be hard as a startup as it can be challenging to penetrate the market and compete with the larger, more established brands. There is no guarantee for success, but often you will find that startups that utilize the latest and best technology often put themselves in the best position and find success.

What Is A Virtual Private Network (VPN) For Netflix?

You may have encountered the issue while watching your favorite streaming service, that certain content is unavailable in your region. You may think that Netflix is filled with unlimited content to keep you busy, but there is a world of geographically-restricted content which you’re not getting access to.

This Nifty Cube Gadget Will Protect You From Unwanted Data Tracking

Online privacy has been a lingering issue. More so after Google openly admitted tracking users’ movement despite location history has been turned off. It really is a concerned. If you are not concerned at this point, you really should. Why? Simple. Just take your mobile phone for example. You were on WhatsApp, exchanging conversation with …

How To Successfully Remove Harmful Malware From Your Computer

Your business might not have ever experienced a Trojan virus or harmful malware on your computer, but that does not make you immune. If a PC does experience a malware issue, you can follow our top tips for a successful removal. It is common for malware to infiltrate a computer via a corrupted download. Many people often download a seemingly trusted file, only to later discover the installation has reaped havoc across their computer.

[Editorial] Why The Cybersecurity Industry Is Red Hot Now

Once-upon-a-time, all we had to worry about were the kind of computer security threats that could be swiftly taken care of with a good antivirus and anti-malware application. But today, cyber threats have moved into the big league, and they can take down entire companies, hold governments to ransom, swing elections results, ruin a nation’s …

Flter: Blanket Privacy Coverage For All Your Networked Devices Made Easy

The moment you get onto the Internet, you can kiss privacy goodbye. When online, you are effectively putting your privacy out in the open, allowing Big Brother (AKA the government, not the reality TV series), your Internet service provider, and companies, to read into your web activities, search history, and even physical location. Most people …