Keeping Your Mobile Safe Physically and Digitally

These days your mobile phone has everything on them, from your personal information to appointments and even now bank cards and other types of phone payments. This is why you all need to keep in mind your data security and even keep your phone physically safe when you are out and about! Here are some simple and easy-to-follow tips to help you have peace of mind when looking after your mobile devices.

Keep Your Phone Locked With A Strong Password

This may seem the most obvious, and that’s because it is. However, it seems to go a miss when people are thinking about their phones. Often, when out and about, people will just stuff their phones away on a busy day without realizing they didn’t lock them. So, while the phone is just at risk of being grabbed and sold, it’s now at risk of someone stealing all your data and using your money and so on.

The best tips for a good password:

·       Length! The longer a password is, the likelihood of someone hacking it becomes less and less

·       Numbers and special symbols. Not only do more letters make a difference but so do other symbols. These symbols add so many more different combinations that a password could be

·       No personal information. Everyone’s information is now out there somewhere, so if your password is your dog that you keep posting about on Facebook, change it now! Maybe use a password generator to help you out.

If your phone does, unfortunately, get stolen, and it happens too often, the best way to keep your data safe is to have it encrypted. You can even utilize tools like GhostChat military encrypted phones, which have encryption services.

Check The Public WIFI

We all have connected to a random public WIFI in the hopes of some good internet once in a while. However, this connection can put your data at a massive risk.

It is very important to be wary when you are connected to an unsecured network. To help you stay protected, the best thing to do is either don’t use a public WIFI and just use your data or get a VPN.

VPNs keep you hidden from hackers and will protect you from anyone that is able to connect to your phone. They often charge a monthly or yearly fee but can come with many more perks. There are different price ranges for VPNs from many different companies.

Other Tips

Be careful of what you download onto your phone. It’s very easy to download a virus. This includes going onto unsecured websites as they are easily hackable and can send many viruses.

Installing anti-virus software is a must-do. This is easy and cheap. It is also not as time-consuming as you may think, as you only have to scan your phone every so often, and usually, the software will do this automatically. 

Keep your updates up-to-date. Having phone updates can be annoying as they seem to take forever, but these updates are for safety. Not only are they for the newest features, but are regularly updated on how to stop hackers and strengthen the privacy of your data.