Grace Introduces Primo WiFi Music Player With Access To Over 50,000 Internet Radio Stations

with over 6,000 commercial radio stations in the U.S. alone, we didn’t think anyone would be lacking of options when it comes to enjoying music from this traditional source, but if you have the penchant for stations outside of the U.S., or simply want even more options, then Internet Radio is the way to go …

Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

you need furniture and you also need music for entertainment, so why not put the two together for a seamlessly blended look? and this is what the Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram has to offer. slated to be available later this year, this 2,000 quids flagship from Ruark Audio features an alluring 60s contemporary look made up of walnut veneer

Cambridge Audio Minx Air Wireless Speakers

seriously, at this technologically-advanced age, there’s hardly any reasons to setup a space-consuming speaker system in your home when compact speakers can pump out equally ear-pleasing audio. especially so when some of these minuscule speakers come packed with wireless streaming options that would leave your home

How to enjoy Pandora outside of U.S. on Android Devices

if you are reading this, then we can safely assume you already know how awesome Pandora is. however, if you haven’t have a clue then we suppose you should know this: Pandora’s awesomeness stems from the fact that listeners get to choose their favorite artiste(s) or band(s) to begin with and Pandora will fetch…

Logitech UE Boomboxes and Radio

gone were the days where audiophiles are sentenced to their confine of their living room. thanks to the advancement in various technologies, including advanced Bluetooth technology, audiophile can now enjoy their favorite tunes when they are out and about. the latest to join this vast market of portable audiophile-grade gadgets is Logitech UE’s new line of…

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