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Grace Introduces Primo WiFi Music Player With Access To Over 50,000 Internet Radio Stations

with over 6,000 commercial radio stations in the U.S. alone, we didn’t think anyone would be lacking of options when it comes to enjoying music from this traditional source, but if you have the penchant for stations outside of the U.S., or simply want even more options, then Internet Radio is the way to go and for that, Grace Digital latest Primo WiFi Music Player will have you covered. the Primo connects to your home WiFi network, providing you with access to over 50,000 radio stations, podcasts, as well as online services such as Pandora, Live365, SiriusXM, Rhapsody, and it even lets you access music saved on your PC or Mac. it has a modern, sleek look that befits its capability, while not being overly cluttered. the hardware features a 3.5″ LCD display, allowing for quick access to information you need and a minimal set of hard buttons, including four buttons for saving up to eight one-button presets. Continue reading Grace Introduces Primo WiFi Music Player With Access To Over 50,000 Internet Radio Stations

Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

you need furniture and you also need music for entertainment, so why not put the two together for a seamlessly blended look? and this is what the Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram has to offer. slated to be available later this year, this 2,000 quids flagship from Ruark Audio features an alluring 60s contemporary look made up of walnut veneer, black lacquer legs and a main entertainment center of aluminum and glass construct. at its heart, it has a DAB/DAB+/FM tuner with RDS, a MP3-compatible slot-loading CD player, and also have Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for wireless audio streaming. a RotoDial gives you control over the rig and it is removable to double as a remote control. Continue reading Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

Cambridge Audio Minx Air Wireless Speakers

seriously, at this technologically-advanced age, there’s hardly any reasons to setup a space-consuming speaker system in your home when compact speakers can pump out equally ear-pleasing audio. especially so when some of these minuscule speakers come packed with wireless streaming options that would leave your home less cluttered. case in point, the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 and 200 Wireless Speakers. we wanted to refer it as AirPlay speakers but it is more than just AirPlay speaker that allows you to stream lossless audio wirelessly from your iDevices or iTunes-equipped computers; it also has Bluetooth in it that supports apt-X wireless streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled media devices and an Internet Radio to boot. available as Minx Air 100 and 200, where the two differs in physical size, power output and the larger of the two, the Minx Air 200 gets a boost in the audio reproduction department with digital amplifiers and a built-in active 6.5″ subwoofer. Continue reading Cambridge Audio Minx Air Wireless Speakers

How to enjoy Pandora outside of U.S. on Android Devices

How to enjoy Pandora outside of U.S. on Android Devices
if you are reading this, then we can safely assume you already know how awesome Pandora is. however, if you haven’t have a clue then we suppose you should know this: Pandora’s awesomeness stems from the fact that listeners get to choose their favorite artiste(s) or band(s) to begin with and Pandora will fetch the music that are similar to your chosen favorite artiste(s) or band(s) for your enjoyment. along the way, users can hit like or dislike which Pandora takes the heed and further fine tune what songs to serve up to you. Continue reading How to enjoy Pandora outside of U.S. on Android Devices

Logitech UE Boomboxes and Radio

Logitech UE Boomboxes and Radio
Logitech UE Boomboxes and Radio | from US$99.99 | www.logitech.com

gone were the days where audiophiles are sentenced to their confine of their living room. thanks to the advancement in various technologies, including advanced Bluetooth technology, audiophile can now enjoy their favorite tunes when they are out and about. the latest to join this vast market of portable audiophile-grade gadgets is Logitech UE’s new line of boomboxes and radio that are the results of Logitech’s expertise in seamless connectivity and UE’s knowledge of creating audiophile-grade sounds. Continue reading Logitech UE Boomboxes and Radio

Loewe SoundVision and SoundBox

Loewe SoundVision
(photos: Loewe) Loewe SoundVision (£1,250) and SoundBox (£499) | www.loewe-int.de

gone were the days where a good hi-fi system requires stack and stack of components and huge amount of cables snaking behind an impossibly awkward cabinet. that was our grandpa’s era standards and they just don’t fit into our modern interior decor where minimalism is the order of the day. what we need is something that offers great sound quality, flexibility and yet, do not require a rocket scientist to set it up. that calls for a sound system like the Loewe SoundVision or the Loewe SoundBox. the former sports a sound bar design and is loaded with features like a gorgeous 7.5-inch multitouch display, six speakers (including two subwoofers), integrated FM radio, access to Internet radio, CD player (slot-in style, no less), USB input, a dock for your iPhone or iPod, wireless connectivity that includes WIFI and Bluetooth, and interchangeable color side inserts. Continue reading Loewe SoundVision and SoundBox

NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner

NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner
(image: NAD Electronics) NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner | $799.99 | nadelectronics.com

many audio equipment makers are chasing the AirPlay hype but if you are not into AirPlay, the good news is, there are still options abound for you when it comes to purchasing a network media player. in this case, the NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner might be a worthy candidate for your consideration. aesthetically, it is styled in a very NAD fashion and like most good network media player in the market, it dutifully act as a gateway to your digital music collections huddling somewhere in your USB flash drives, network drives or computers, and plus it also offers easy access to Internet radio portals and support for cloud music services such as Last.fm but that’s not all. Continue reading NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner

Sony’s new car stereos with SiriusXM and Pandora support

Sony In-dash Car Stereo 544x311px
(credit: Sony) Sony CDX and DSX In-dash Car Stereo | from US$70.00 | www.sonystyle.com

Sony has just announced a new line up for its car stereo which include six models that has SiriusXM satellite radio compatibility and Pandora Internet radio support. it makes perfect sense as we are already enjoying such services in our home, and why should we miss out on those services when we are commuting from point to point? but is it too late? well, perhaps not for Sony fans. among the eight models announced two models, namely, CDX-GT565UP and CDX-GT660UP supports both SiriusXM and Pandora. Continue reading Sony’s new car stereos with SiriusXM and Pandora support

cute buttonless Internet Radio: Q2 Internet Radio

Q2 Internet Radio 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio) Q2 Internet Radio | £90.00 | www.q2radio.co.uk

there are many Internet Radio out there in the market but nothing is as close to this cute Q2 Internet Radio. most Internet Radio are of either contemporary or classic design (a little too ‘up there’ to my liking), but Q2 goes the opposite way by being cheerful, ease of setup, fun to use, compact in size and completely void of buttons and knobs (which make the Q2 stands out even more).

with tens of thousands of Internet Radio today, you can imagine the mammoth task in trying to tune in to a particular station that you desire. here’s where the ease of setup comes in. to set, all you have to do is hook up to a PC or Mac, add the desired station to each sides of the Q2 using the free Q2 Internet Radio software (up to four stations can be set). once done, unplug it and you are good to go.

operations of the Q2 is straight forward: turning the Q2 from side to side changes the preset stations and tilting back or forward changes the volume. no screen, no buttons, no knobs. i hear you asking about muting? well, that’s easy too. just put the Q2 on its face – muted. easy. obviously the Q2 uses WiFi to connect to the preset stations and is supplied with rechargeable battery and a main power adapter.

Q2 comes in five different colors: pink, white, blue, green and black.

Q2 Internet Radio - green, front view 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio)

Q2 Internet Radio green, side view 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio)

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