How to enjoy Pandora outside of U.S. on Android Devices

How to enjoy Pandora outside of U.S. on Android Devices
if you are reading this, then we can safely assume you already know how awesome Pandora is. however, if you haven’t have a clue then we suppose you should know this: Pandora’s awesomeness stems from the fact that listeners get to choose their favorite artiste(s) or band(s) to begin with and Pandora will fetch the music that are similar to your chosen favorite artiste(s) or band(s) for your enjoyment. along the way, users can hit like or dislike which Pandora takes the heed and further fine tune what songs to serve up to you. that’s way better than going by the largely inefficient genre system. avid music listeners will agree that genre sorting is so passe these days and on top of that, certain artistes/bands may have the type of music you desire (or dislike) but was (unfortunately) ‘file under’ a genre that you probably don’t necessary agree with and hence, you either miss them or you get songs that don’t love at all. anyway, you get the basic idea how uber cool Pandora is. Pandora is accessible on PC via its website or via mobile devices such as Android and iOS devices but there’s a catch: it can only be accessed if you are residing in Stateside and naturally, that sucks big time – especially, if you are just leaving the U.S. for work or leisure.

on the PC, you have an easy fix like changing your proxy using free VPN and you can also do the same on your Android devices to get your Pandora fix (at least until the blocking method changes). here’s how:

what you will need: Pandora app for Android, naturally and Hotspot Shield VPN app for Android. both of which are available free on Google Play store.

if you already have Pandora app on your Android device, then you can zip straight to PART B of this How To post. however, if you haven’t already have the app and obviously, being outside of the U.S. you won’t be able to find Pandora app on your local Google Play store but fret not cos’ there’s a workaround: just Google search for “Pandora APK” (or if you prefer, “Pandora APK download” for a wee bit refined search) and install Pandora via the APK extension route. don’t know how to install APK extension? then follow through the steps in PART A below.

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PART A: How to install APK extension on Android Devices

1. download the Pandora APK from the website of your choice to your PC
2. transfer the downloaded APK to your Android device’s ‘Download’ folder with nifty software such as Android File Transfer
3. launch the File Manager of your choice (we recommend either ES File Explorer or Astro File Manager
4. navigate to ‘Download’ folder or wherever you have copied the APK to
5. hit the APK file and follow the onscreen instructions.

note: you can also email the APK file to yourself and open it from the email attachment.

if done correctly, you should have Pandora app on your Android device and you can proceed with the momentous path listed in PART B below.

PART B: How to enjoy Pandora outside of U.S. on Android Devices

Step 1:
download and install both aforementioned apps.

Step 2:
launch Hotspot Shield VPN on your Android device, hit ‘Start Protection’ and agree to it is terms.
note: we are not saying you must agree with the ‘terms’ but hey, you want Pandora then you have no option but to say ‘yes’. however, as a rule of thumb – don’t agree if you are not comfortable with it.

Step 3:
assuming you clicked ‘yes’, then wait (which could take quite a bit) while Hotspot Shield connects you with a working VPN and once it’s connected (or as Hotspot Shield puts it, ‘Protected’), then your device is hot for Pandora. all that is left to do is to fire up Pandora app, login (or register if you haven’t done so) and you are all set.

so there you have it. three simple steps (well, more steps if you don’t already have Pandora app installed) that opens you to a world of music that you actually like. hope enjoy it as much as we do and we do really mean we do!

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  1. If you value your time (time is money after all) then Globalpandora is much simpler – and no root required.

  2. Dont see any comments thats a shame. This worked just perfect for me with my htc incridble! MANY thanks to you good sir!

  3. You can dl the hotspot protector and then dld pandora app from the link above. Thanks for the help!

  4. Thanks a lot! I’ve been wanting to listen to Pandora in Denmark on my phone for a long time… THANKS!

  5. It may have been months without any comment, but I must say this is a fabulous How-to guide, Hats off to you my good sir!

  6. @Mike – OMG, thank you soooo much! I actually read your instructions wrong but it still worked out lol. One can simplify Part A1 – 4 by downloading ‘aTorrent’ from Google Play, then search/download Pandora APK directly onto your phone πŸ˜‰

    @Lars Hansen – GlobalPandora maybe more simpler but you have to pay for the service, which defeats the purpose. Id rather waste my time following instructions as such then paying for a service Im not 100% sure will even work

  7. I cant download pandora app it says not available in my country and i was using hotspot, any help?

  8. So even after downloading and installing Pandora, I get an error message saying Pandora isn’t available in my country. I downloaded and installed Spotify from here and that works perfectly but Pandora just isn’t working. Any advice?

  9. Mike, Thanks for the article. For those who live outside US and want to access Pandora radio, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

  10. I have both Pandora and vpn downloaded now via your instructions but Pandora still says it is not available in my country when I try to open the app. My vpn btw says Gibraltar as the country. Should it say US?

  11. i already have a pay for proxy with secure login details. how do I use it instead of this VPN shield?

      1. how do i set a proxy on android just for pandora? I dont want to use the proxy for all my internet in case there is spoofing by the proxy provider.

  12. did you ever use ExpressVPN? its really fast and really affordable, here is the speed comparison

  13. I had Pandora already downloaded, then I downloaded the VPN and it worked once. Next time I went to use it Pandora wasn’t available anymore. What’s the problem?

  14. Very nice article i recently some good articles on PCMAG and ReviewsDir on how to unblock Pandora like chennels like netflix etc Outside the USA. After reading those article i can say
    You can easily access Pandora Outside USA by using VPN.
    I am using Express VPN for accessing Pandora and Netflix.

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