McDonald’s Hamburger Kept for 24 Years Did Not Rot

We don’t know whether to marvel at a fast food hamburger that does not rot after two decades or worried about what we have been shoving into our guts. What you see here is a McDonald’s hamburger and fries that apparently was purchased 24 years ago in 1996. Over 20 freaking years and it has no sign of rotting, decay or whatsoever. That’s pretty mind blowing by any food standard.

The video of the nearly two-and-a-half decade fast food was shared by TikTok user aly.sherb. The video shows Aly’s grandma “unboxing” the fast food set which she have been keeping in a box inside a closet.

McDonald’s Hamburger Kept for 24 Years Did Not Rot

Granny even labelled the box “hamburger” too. No idea why she chose to keep the burger instead of eating it in 1996. From what we can see, there is no special commemorative value, save for it has a brown paper bag that had an advertisement for NASCAR races in 1996.

According to expert, given the right condition, this is totally possible. And the “right condition” mostly meant that it has a dry environment. Else, anyone intentionally wants to preserve food (not for consumption) has to use some sort preservative. Not sure where Aly or her grandma resides in that had such a dry environment.

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In any case, I guess grandma has outdone the last McDonald’s Cheeseburger sold in Iceland which is 11 years old this year. But that ancient burger in Iceland require careful storage to keep it from decaying as Iceland is generally high on humidity.

Images: TikTok (aly.sherb).

Source: Fox News.