Iceland’s Last McDonald’s Order Is 10 Years Old

Do you know that Iceland, the island country on the North Atlantic Ocean alongside Faroe Islands, has no McDonald’s? Well, it used to have until 2009 when the fast food chain decided to pull out of the country.

Back in 2009, Icelander Hjörtur Smárason was the patron who bought Iceland’s McDonald’s last burger. A little over a decade later, the order, which comprised of a large fries and a cheeseburger, wasn’t digested yet. That is because, Hjörtur Smárason never did not consume it.

Hjörtur said that he had heard “something about McDonald’s never decaying” and wanted to find out for himself if it is true.

Iceland’s Last McDonald’s Order Is 10 Years Old

And you know what? The myth is pretty much confirmed because, the very burger that Hjörtur bought in 2009 is still around and looking fairly good. Though I would not advise anyone to eat it unless there was an apocalypse.

Even in the event of an apocalypse, there should be quite a number of food options out there, so there’s no need to chow down an ancient burger and suffer the inevitable consequence of food poisoning.

Anywho, the large fries and burger are now on display in the lounge of Snotra House, a guesthouse in South Iceland run by Hjörtur’s friends.

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Seeing a burger that appears not to have decayed in 10 years does make one wary about putting another McDonald’s products into our guts. Now we know exactly why Burger King’s moldy burger might actually be good.

Images: Instagram (@snotrahouse).

Source: Iceland Review.