Custom LEGO Macross SDF-1 Fortress Spaceship

There’s no lacking of talented LEGO builders who are a major fan of epic Japanese anime Macross. Over the years, these LEGO enthusiasts/Macross fans had created countless LEGO iterations of the Macross SDF-1 Fortress Spaceship, but there was one from seven years ago that absolutely blew my mind.

So just how good was it? Well, it was the ‘you don’t even suspect it was created from LEGO bricks’ kind of good. Little is known about this elusive LEGO MOC, though. This work of art was created by one Victor Chan (presumably from Hong Kong) and it was the star of a video posted by one now-inactive YouTuber carefuldriverhongkon back in February 1, 2013.

As you can see in the video below, this particular Macross SDF-1 has a SNOT construction and looks like it had a fair bit of custom decals.

We found this video a couple of weeks ago. After some deliberation, we decided that it is only right to share it with whoever haven’t seen it because, it was, pardon my French, so fucking good. And oh, apparently, it is transformable like its anime counterpart. Absolutely bonkers (in a good way, obviously!).

Images: YouTube (carefuldriverhongkon).