Many companies are committed to be “greener” or more “sustainable.” Razer is one of them and from it, it has found a new business opportunity: creating fashion made from recovered marine plastics and in the process, create awareness to the ocean’s plight.

Razer Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection

The gaming lifestyle company has revealed the Razer Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection, featuring a range of limited-edition clothing made with materials created from recovered marine plastics.

The key graphic here is the iconic Great Wave of Kanagawa woodcarving, with a tweak that is more suited to today’s context: an ocean littered with plastic waste.

Razer Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection

The graphic highlights one of Mother Nature’s properties, the ocean, predicament. And it is for a good cause too as it will fund efforts in reducing marina plastics to protect the oceans and its dwellers.

The Razer Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection will drop on April 7 at 7PM PDT and in strictly limited quantities, so you have to act fast if you want to get your hands on the times.

The collection includes hoodies, tee, tank top, shorts as well as a hat.

The Razer Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection is Razer’s second environmentally focused initiatives under the recently announced #GoGreenWithRazer banner.

Prices start at US$49.99 for the hat and runs up to US$149.99 for the hoodie. Be sure to get yourself signed up to be notified of the drop if really want to bag any of those items in the collection.

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Razer Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection

Images: Razer.

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