One of the most memorable scene from Batman v Superman would be that of Bruce Wayne’s nightmare. I guess the decryption processing was so freaking darn slow that not only did the Bat fell asleep (I have no idea that he even sleep at all) but also induced a nightmare. If you think that the dystopia Mad Max-like nightmare setting plus the fact that Batman kills made zero sense, then you will be thankful it wasn’t made worst by something totally out-of-this-world: a bat creature. Wait, what? A bat creature? Well, apparently, yes. According to Batman v Superman production designer Patrick Tatopoulos who have shared a concept art (on Instagram) of a hideous creature that supposed to be part of the Dark Knight’s nightmare.

Thankfully, it wasn’t included, or we may begin to wonder if we are watching a vampire love story. Keeping in mind that Batman v Superman is not a horror movie. So that creature there will be way off the mark. Then again, Bat’s nightmare had winged, flying demon-like creatures already, didn’t it? So I supposed this particular artwork could originally mean to be a close up of that flying things we saw in the background? Maybe. In any case, I am glad it didn’t happen. Since when comics become this dark? Oh. I know. Since Christopher Nolan.

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Image: Patrick Tatopoulos.

via io9.

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