Fun facts: dogs are not cars and neither are they laundry. But that does not stop South Korea industrial design studio S2VICTOR from designing what’s essentially a car wash for dogs called Pet Styler. Unlike car wash machine though, there’s no conveyor to move your dog along and there are no rolling brushes. Maybe it is more like a washing machine for fido – less the tumbling.

S2VICTOR Automatic Dog Washer

The controls lining the top of the Pet Styler… they do make this pet care hardware looks like a washer or a dishwasher. Just saying… Anywho… the idea is, the machine will shower your dog on your behalf and even drying it. This small dog house-sized contraption dispenses mist with shower solution to wash your dog’s fur and when that’s done, warm air will be introduced to dry the dog.

S2VICTOR Automatic Dog Washer

Now, if anyone has shower a dog before, you will know it takes more than dousing them with water and blow drying it. You will need to scrub them down, clean the crevices on the paws and whatnot. The same goes for drying. I don’t know, man. The device sure looks cool, but I doubt it addresses anything at all – especially if its a muddied dog like what our source had suggested.

Obviously, the rig is designed for small dogs, to which Scooby will be glad that being big means it’d be getting the good’ol fashion rub down. Apparently, Pet Styler can also double as a home for your furry friend – that’s assuming it wasn’t already traumatized by the confined space previously. But seriously, we don’t sleep in the bathroom and I don’t think dogs would dig the idea as much. Again, just saying…

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Nice try though. Aesthetically, Pet Style is sleek. I am not going to deny that. Just that I am not sure it is the best idea. If it had some kind of scrubbing function, then it might just work. Might.

Images: S2VICTOR.

Source: designboom.

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