Electric bicycle may have pedals, but somehow, it managed to blur the line between a bicycle and a motorcycle. Now, the line is further blurred with Electra Café Moto Go, an electric bike that has the distinctive cafe racer styling and belt-drive. Electra described it as “the ultimate combination of badass retro style and modern technology,” and looking at both the design and the technical specs it has to offer, we have no doubt it is both.

Electra Cafe Moto Go Electric Bicycle

As far as design is concerned, it needs no further detailing. I mean, just look at it. It has the spirit of a cafe racer, through and through. Though granted, its low-mounted handlebars is not quite that low, but still, the silhouette of the 60s Grand Prix road racing bikes that cafe racer drew its inspiration is unmistakable. It is not just the look it has that recalls a cafe racer.

Electra Cafe Moto Go Electric Bicycle

A cafe racer is known as a lightweight, powerful motorcycle that is tuned for speed and handling to enable quick rides between, you guessed it, cafes. While obviously it is not as powerful a gas-power motorcycle, Electra Cafe Moto Go may very well be the cafe racer of the electric bicycle world – thanks to power granted by a Bosch Performance Speed 350W motor, paired to Gates CDX Centertrack Carbon Belt Drive system and an Enviolo Trekking 380% continuously variable rear hub, that affords assisted speeds of 28 mph (45 km/h).

Electra Cafe Moto Go Electric Bicycle

Other features include a hydroform 6061-T6 aluminum frame, Bosch Powertube 500 in-tube battery, 4 AMP charger, Purion computer display unit, hydraulic disc brakes, Vee Rubber Speedster 26” x 2.8” tires, Crank Brothers Stamp 2 Pedals, Spanninga custom front bullet LED light, Supernova E3 rear LED light, and Brooks premium leather saddle, grips, tool bag and customized key chain.

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If you are down, you can find Electra Café Moto Go selling on Electra Bicycle Company website for $4,499.99. Keep going for some closer looks.

Images: Electra Bicycle Company.

Source: electrek.

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