automotive designer built this cool custom KTM Bobber

KTM Bobber 640x420px
(photos: Sean Smith/Hell for Leather)

you know there are times where i find it hard to ignore a good story? well, this is that time that i speak of. what you see here is a custom chopper based on the single-cylinder 2007 KTM 690 Supermoto and who actually custom it might actually surprise you. the man behind this custom KTM Bobber is Fisker automotive designer Sven Etzelsberger who decided that instead of splurging good money on off-the-garage two wheelers, he’d build one himself. anyway, i shall spare you the history details cos’ it is this gorgeous bike that we are interested in. isn’t it so? no offense Sven, cos’ your creation is simply awesome.
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aesthetically, Sven’s creation is nothing like the original, though he did retain much of the original KTM, including engine, frame and swing-arm. other goodies Sven stuffed into it includes exhaust from Zard that was designed for the KTM 690 Supermoto, custom shorten forks and shocks, stock hubs with 18- and 21-inch wheels, Continental Attack tires, custom subframe, and 18-gauge steel fuel tank that has been bead blasted and completely chrome out. Sven did most of the handy works for this bike with the exception for the fuel tank which he did the mold out of Styrofoam and a metal fabricator made it. all of Sven’s effort resulted in this beautiful bike you see before you here.

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i guess that what makes Sven stands out from a crowd. there are those who dream and then, there are those who dream and also have the skills necessary to make the dream come true. in this case, i am talking about technical knowledge and skills. i can only read in envy.

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