Spoon Sports FK8 Honda Civic Type R

Two years ago, Honda Civic Type R BTCC gave us a glimmer of hope that the FK Civic design disaster could be actually be saved. Could. Though I am not sure how you can get your hands on a kit like that to make your FK look good and perhaps even further build on its already awesome performance.

One thing for sure is, Japanese car tuner, Spoon has the complete solution for both looks and performance that are accessible.

The company’s Spoon Sports division has a range of upgrades that will make your FK8 Honda Civic perform even better while looking a little less jarring to the eyes. Or, should I say, a little less jarring to my eyes. Oh, god. I so hate that design.

Anywho… if anyone’s interested, Spoon Sports is offering anything from functional aero kit to performance upgrades to sprucing up the interior.

The aftermarket upgrades, performance and otherwise, include carbon rear wing, enormous 18-inch forged alloy wheels, N1 muffler kit, lowering springs, motion control beam (an advanced sway bar of sort), colorized engine cover, and Jailbreak (unlocking of the car’s ECU) service and FlashPro software tuning systems – just to name a few.

Folks in stateside can get in touch with Spoon Sports USA authorized distributor, Go Tuning Unlimited, to check in on the parts available to your FK8.

Spoon Sports FK8 Honda Civic Type R

Images: Spoon, Inc..

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