having a vintage boat means missing out in modern amenities for your leisurely needs, but with the 1990 Gar Wood 33′ Baby Gar “Victoria”, you can have the cake and eat it too, because, as noted in the product’s name, this particular Gar Wood was actually built under license in 1990 by Turcotte Brothers, which makes it a replica and not the real deal vintage that could have dubious sea-worthiness. but make no mistake, this is still the same Baby Gar runabouts you may know from the 1920s, but with the added benefits attributed by modern build methods such as a cold-molded epoxy construction that encapsulate the boat’s mahogany, resulting in a lightweight and yet strong and low maintenance hull.

under the hood is a Chevrolet-based big block ‘marinized’ V8 with a reduction transmission, hooked up to a large propeller, giving this new-old Baby Gar the handling characteristics of the original, while providing ample speed so as not to dampen your boating enjoyment. actually, there aren’t much modern amenities needed for this pure, modern-day boating experience, but it does come fitted with a Clarion stereo with integrated CD player (kind of a mismatch addition, if you ask me) and a bow thruster for ease of dockside handling. the sale of the 1990 Gar Wood 33′ Baby Gar “Victoria” also includes a custom-built triple-axle trailer for transferring this new love of yours from your home to the waters and vice versa.

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this 1990 Gar Wood 33′ Baby Gar “Victoria” will be auctioned on January 16, 2014 at the RM Auctions’ Arizona sale and is estimated to fetch $175,000 – $225,000. a few more look in the image gallery after the break.

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