open up to more sources of personal music enjoyment with this pair of Streamz Smart Streaming Headphones that allows you to enjoy music from multiple sources. we are not going to lie to you; aesthetically, the Smart Headphones is nothing to shout about, but on the spec-sheet, it is an extremely well-rounded headset when it comes to connectivity for wireless audio streaming and it is also a pair of audio cans that is packed with enough electronic wizardry that would put a smile on audiophiles’ face, well, at least that’s what it appears to be on paper. on the connectivity front, it features smart WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity that will automatically detect and connect to your WiFi hotspot, or a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, and gadgets like your TV, game console and more.

but it doesn’t stop there. Streamz is also a digital music player by itself, boasting a 4GB flash storage for your digital music files, expandable up to 32GB via microSD card slot. audio reproduction is by the way of large 50mm dynamic drivers, bolstered by individual 3W vibration drivers, 160mW dynamic amplifier and a 16-bit/48kHz CD quality Digital Analog Converter (DAC) to result in “incomparable clarity and fidelity.” so there you have it; the one headphone that replaces your standalone portable music player, streams music from virtually any sources, and is also a DAC and headphone amp, so you can hit the road without having to bog yourself down with too many gadgets. if the sound is as good as it proposed, then this $549 all-in-one audio cans might just be a dream come true. just maybe. arriving in March 2014, but before that, it will be making its appearance at the 2014 International CES.

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