first of all, let us assure you on two things with regard to the Mr. Postman Smart Mailbox here: one, Mr. Postman is not a person, and two, it is not a DIY ‘You-Got-Mail’ mailbox. it is, in fact, a carefully thought out, solar-powered and WiFi-enabled mailbox that you can unlock remotely with your smartphone. working in conjunction with an app, this clever mailbox lets you manage your snail mail in the comfort of your humble abode or wherever you may be. since it is solar-powered, there is no need to worry about the electricity necessary to keep the built-in 2,300 mAh lithium-ion battery juiced for its functioning and you will, of course, receive notifications on your smartphone when a snail mail creeps up or if the outgoing package has been picked up.

it works much like an email inbox, except that at the end of the day, you will still have to step out and grab the mail and of course, spam (aka flyers) filtering is not in the order too. the concept surrounding Mr. Postman is what we have seen to date for smart lock, which means you can configured it in such a way that you can share ‘virtual key’ with neighbors for accessing the mailbox on your behalf when you are not around and it is smart enough to alert you if someone is tampering with your high-tech mailbox. all those, with the added virtue of learning your local postman’s schedule so that you can have it unlocked when the mailman arrives, or you could just set the unlock windows manually. the mailbox itself is designed larger – by 3 1/2″ wider, to be precise – to accomodate more packages so that additional packages need not to be left unattended at the door.

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the Mr. Postman Smart Mailbox is currently on Kickstarter, seeking for financial backing, which you can secure yourself one (assuming that the campaign hits the set minimal funding goal) by pledging $200 or more. expect delivery to happen in August 2014. if you have a little more cash to drop, you can even score yourself one in cool hues like bronze, silver or pewter.

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