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Custom Star Wars AT-AT Mailbox Deserves The Title Of Best Mailbox Ever

Not everyone can be like Colin Furze who has the technical skill and financial backing to build an 18-foot tall ‘playable’ AT-AT in their backyard, but I am sure most of us are well capable of cobbling up a smaller scale version suitable for your mails and the occasional squirrel/chipmunk raids. Just to clarify, by mails, we are referring to the good’ol snail mails which still refused to die in this digital age. I know. This Custom Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Mailbox is, aesthetically, not perfect, but you know what? That’s actually the beauty of this mailbox. Continue reading Custom Star Wars AT-AT Mailbox Deserves The Title Of Best Mailbox Ever

Mr. Postman Smart Mailbox

first of all, let us assure you on two things with regard to the Mr. Postman Smart Mailbox here: one, Mr. Postman is not a person, and two, it is not a DIY ‘You-Got-Mail’ mailbox. it is, in fact, a carefully thought out, solar-powered and WiFi-enabled mailbox that you can unlock remotely with your smartphone. working in conjunction with an app, this clever mailbox lets you manage your snail mail in the comfort of your humble abode or wherever you may be. since it is solar-powered, there is no need to worry about the electricity necessary to keep the built-in 2,300 mAh lithium-ion battery juiced for its functioning and you will, of course, receive notifications on your smartphone when a snail mail creeps up or if the outgoing package has been picked up. Continue reading Mr. Postman Smart Mailbox

Snail Mailbox Phone Alert

not everyone has mails everyday and therefore, wouldn’t it be nice if you could be alerted only when there are mails in your snail mail mailbox? you can say that this isn’t all that necessary. true, but it is one of those little things in life could make life more efficient and in this case, the efficiency comes about because you don’t need to head out to check you letterbox if you know there isn’t anything in there. and it also has a fringe benefit: it can potentially solve or even foil mail theft, that’s if you are facing such a problem. as far as we know, there isn’t a commercially available snail mail notifier, but there are a bunch of ideas from talented DIY-ers, employing different methods to get user notified of “incoming mails.” well, here’s one, the Snail Mailbox Phone Alert, by instructables contributor ‘nikoala3’ to add to the list. as in most cases, Arduino Uno forms the basis of this particular DIY system. Continue reading Snail Mailbox Phone Alert