SAY-Power – small carbon tender for both lake and sea

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(photos: SAY Yacht) SAY-Power Small Carbon Tender | €PoA |

like every stylish things in life, boats can also look minimalist and stylish at the same time. the SAY-Power featured here is just one of those boat that captures our attention in an instant. granted, we may not know a whole lot about boats (and boating, for that matter) but we know one well designed product when we see one. developed by German firm SAY Yacht, the SAY-Power is a small carbon tender that is designed for you to cut through both the waters of the lake or the sea. an Weber Jet outboard motor that delivers 140 horses pushes the sleek boat through the water at a top speed of 35 knots. this motor, coupled with a lightweight materials that are entirely Carbon-Airex Epoxy sandwiched in a vacuum process, enables it to be operated without sucking the dough out of your bank account, while also contributing to eco-aspect of things. SAY Yacht is offering the SAY-Power as a custom built-to-order item, so customer can choose to go with the minimalist route or go way out luxury. basically, it is your choice as long as your bank account has no objection. since it is built-to-order, the price is of course, price on request or some say, price on application. a few more look at the SAY-Power after the break.
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SAY Yacht [GR] via NOTCOT

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