MODOGRIP. it’s a boom, steady camera and a dolly

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(photos: 35MOD) MODOGRIP – All-in-One DSLR Solution | US$199.00 |

independent or aspiring filmmakers usually can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars for a professional video rig, not to mention three of them. the advancement in DSLR video recording has greatly reduced the cost of filmmaking for many independent and amateur filmmakers but as said, those pro rigs that allow for a good cinematography don’t come cheap. however, thanks to the innovative brains of Andrew Mostajo Magpoc and Melanie Blades (collectively known as 35MOD), independent filmmakers or anyone who have serious budget constraint will have a better chance in containing their film budget with a rig that does three things at a cost of just mere hundreds. meet the MODOGRIP – a clever contraption that allows filmmaker to use it as a boom, a steady camera, as well as a dolly. granted, it may not be the ultimate accessory that covers all your videography needs but it does allow you to do most of things that big rigs can do. plus, the compact nature of this rig makes it an ideal accessory for overseas assignments. 35MOD or rather, MM Pictures LLC is asking for your support for their awesome product via Kickstarter. for a pledge of just $199, a MODOGRIP H2 Kit can be yours. of course, you could pledge more, in which, you will be rewarded accordingly. we realized that our narration might be a light fuzzy to some, so hit past the jump for a short video for the full story.
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Thank you, Andrew for the hat tip!

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