Lomography Fisheye One All Black

Lomography Fisheye One All Black 900x600px
(photos: Lomography) Lomography Fisheye One All Black | US$56.28 | www.lomography.com

let’s be honest here: Lomography’s Fisheye is not exactly new to any Lomography fans but that’s the magic about Lomography, it has cameras that let you enjoy the thrill of analog lo-fi photography and yet, it also draws you into a collection frenzy with its different beautiful editions. they are not just functional but is blessed with nice look (in an artistic-retro way sometimes). the latest to join the Fisheye family is this Fisheye One All Black. it is the good old Fisheye clad in a minimalist black that exudes a sleek and classic vibe. perfect for wide-angle, lo-fi loving and stylish shutterbugs. like all Lomo’s Fisheyes, it is equipped with the same 170-degree view and a built-in flash. the Lomography Fisheye One All Black is available now for just $56.28 a pop. see? style need not to be expensive. doesn’t it? more images follows after the break.
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