LAMY dialog 3 Fountain Pen

LAMY dialog 3 Fountain Pen in matt black
LAMY dialog 3 Fountain Pen | US$300.00 |

sometimes we almost forgot that we can actually still write with physical pens. in fact, most of us here prefers the good’ol writing instruments even though we consider ourselves as geeks. but then again, as true geeks, we are fascinated by anything that are innovative and this one fountain pen, the LAMY dialog 3 Fountain Pen just happens to sit right in the innovative category. it features an innovative rotating mechanism that retracts both the nib and the clip into its body. you don’t need a rocket scientist to get it working – all it takes is a twist and out comes the nib while the clip sinks into the body, ready for you to whip out your almost forgotten cursive letterings on the good’ol paper. and when retracted, a special ball valve prevents the nib from drying and getting dirty or worst, dirtying your shirt. oh, actually the latter won’t happen cos’ it comes with a matching sleek case for convenient and classy storage. available in the ever-so-cool matt black finish, as well as palladium finish. so what’s the price to pay for such exquisite writing instrument? a near tablet price point of around $300 a piece. oh, this fine fountain pen has bagged quite a few design awards, including Red Dot’s. just so you know.

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