Pallet Chairs – they are stylish and totally reclaimed

Open Back Pallet Chair 900x600px
(photos: Clarke Titus) Pallet Chairs | from US$99.00 |

a lot of us aren’t aware that something as mundane as pallets could do more after they have served their primarily duty but thanks to Clarke Titus, these old shipping pallets that had probably shouldered something much heavier than you and me, are getting a new lease of life in the form of rustic looking chairs. yeap, they still carry some weight but now, they look a little different from their birth and carry something a whole lot lighter,well, hopefully. suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these chairs currently exist in three models: Pallet Chair, Open Back Pallet Chair, and Pallet Captain’s Chair. all these chair are faithfully cobbled together by Clarke Titus from reclaimed old shipping pallets and available for your taking. if you want one, i suggest you act fast cos’ we are not sure how many of these will be going round. these chairs retail for $99 for the pallet chair, $109 for the open back pallet chair, while the pallet captain’s chair will set you back at $199 each. more images follows after the break.
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