Corvette Boat – love for car transcends terrain, into the water

2012 ZR48 MTI Boat 800x500px
(photos: Pier 57) 2012 ZR48 MTI Boat | US$1.7 million |

you know what they say about love transcends languages, races or whatever. it couldn’t be more true in this instant. just take a look at this beautiful example here: a boat themed after the ZR1 Corvette that is built from parts acquired from GM dealers, complete with styling that is unmistakably Corvette. this fine example here, the ZR48 as it is called, comes equipment with a duo of force-induction Mercury Marine V8 power plants that put out 1,350 horses (1,007 kW) each and have an interior that can accommodate up to six, and still looking like an authentic C6 cockpit. with a total of 2,700 horses on the tap, deafening roars from engine could be a problem but not for this gorgeous as its 8,000 watt sound system, along with an Apple TV and mobile WiFi, will see to it that your in-boat entertainment will overshadow the power roars.
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in fact, we think the exterior is so convincing that for a moment, we thought a Corvette has taken a dive into the river but of course, it didn’t. this Corvette is made for the water and looking all-so-stylish clad in a black paint job that Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego would die for. being such a wide boat calls for a matching trailer that will transport this handsome example to your nearest water, and that’s where the purpose-built trailer comes into play: it can safely tilt the boat to its side for transportation so that you won’t be needing an over-width permit to transport and the built-in air suspensions ensure that your Corvette boat ride safely and comfortably to wherever you are going. what’s more, onboard this stainless steel floor trailer is a generator, water tank, power washer, engine flush system, a DVD player, five televisions, a blinding 900+ LED lights and blue neon lights mounted to the frame above and below the frame rails – all which pointed to a potential on-the-road rocking party event. all you need is a decent DJ console and you are all set.

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so what’s the price of such luxury? well, we all know in our heart this baby here will be not be remotely near cheap and so the question is just how expensive it will get. to that question, the answer is a whopping $1.7 million. wow. a price probably best reserve for Mr Wayne himself. check out a small gallery of this awesome vehicle after the break. trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

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