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most of us would have at least one USB flash drive or portable hard drive but in order to access the same external storage from different computers in your home network, it would require you to do the plug and unplug process every time you switch to a different computer. that said, LaCie has a pretty nifty solution that could make life a little easier, though not that life is any harder as it is but it should make life’s process a wee more efficient. the LaCie LaPlug, as it is called, is a wireless USB hub that allows user to connect up to four USB storage to it and thus, transforming the USB flash drive or portable hard drive into a network attached storage (NAS). once plugged in, the USB flash drive or portable hard drive will be available wirelessly to all computers on the network. it also offers on-the-road access though a simple entry on your web browser URL with a custom LaPlug URL.
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this also means, you can easily share files, photos or videos with family and friends without the hassle of sending via email or through public file sharing servers. additionally, UPnP and DLNA certified equipment such as the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, can access the USB flash drives or portable hard drives for streaming of movies or music, regardless which part of the house you are in. the LaPlug also offers a convenient way to centralize your backup for all the computers in your household though the use of the included backup software or Apple’s Time Machine. oh, you can even hook up a printer to it to setup a home network printer. the LaCie LaPlug is available now through LaCie web store or authorized retailers for a price tag of $74.99 a pop. a short product intro video is available after the break.


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