TDK Life on Record Signature Sound Headphones line

TDK Record for Life Signature Sound lineup 544x328px
(credit: TDK) TDK BA100 In-Ear Headphones (US$199) / BA200 In-Ear Headphones (US$249) / EB950 In-Ear Headphones (US$99) / ST700 On-Ear Headphones (US$149) |

TDK is fast reinventing itself and lately, it is dipping into the world of high fidelity headphones with its Signature Sound headphones line. the range of headphones feature TDK’s proprietary Signature Sound Technology developed and mastered by TDK’s very own audio research lab and thus, these headphones promise to offer high fidelity sound reproduction without breaking your bank. the four models include the BA100 balanced armature in-ear headphones, BA200 dual balanced armature in-ear headphones, the ST700 high fidelity on-ear headphones and the EB950 in-ear headphones with iPhone/iPod control. apart from sound, these headphones also feature tailor-made materials like stitched, natural leather headbands, matched in-ear headphone tips and flat, soft-touch cables for a tangle-free usage.
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