official name it does not have, but that doesn’t dispel our excitement over what could be the first-party game controller from a giant electronic maker. showcased at the Samsung GALAXY S IV launch event last week is the Samsung Game Pad, a Bluetooth game controller to complement your Samsung smartphone (and probably any other makes) for your tactile gaming fix. slated for summer launch, this yet-to-be-named (and priced) game controller offers today’s familiar physical control buttons including D-pad, dual analog sticks, face buttons, shoulder buttons and a clamp-style holder to keep your handset in place, thereby effectively turning your S device into a handheld gaming system. from what we gathered from this lone image, the Samsung Game Pad Bluetooth game controller for smartphones looks pretty sleek and it sport color-coded buttons that kind of remind us of the Xbox 360 controller (complete with the same A-X-B-Y assignment). it is definitely a refreshing change to see someone other than third-party to introduce an official game controller for their line of smartphones. though set to launch in a few months time, hard specifications (actually, we don’t quite need them for such a gadget, do we?) and pricing are not immediately available. but man, an gaming accessory to come out from the Korean electronic giant definitely has us all over it.

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