Samsung GALAXY S3 Swarovski Edition by Amosu

Samsung GALAXY S3 Swarovski Edition by Amosu
Samsung GALAXY S3 Swarovski Edition by Amosu | £2,099.00 |

apart from iPhone 5, what’s the hottest smartphone in the market right now? if you would concur with us, that would be none other than the Samsung GALAXY S3. with 20 something million handsets going around the globe (and projected to surpass the 30 million mark this year), you have to admit that this crowd jewel of the Korean electronics giant is not something to belittle. thus, with the popularity it has garnered, comes the inevitable: being luxe (or blinged, if you prefer) up. and that’s exactly what the maestro of luxe gadgets, Amosu Couture has done with the world’s first Samsung Galaxy S3 Swarovski Edition. not surprisingly, this luxe edition Android handset received no less than 500 Swarovski diamonds in laid in its slim bezel while its Home button is embellished with yet another 16 Swarovski Crystals elements. available only in white, this £2,099 a piece (roughly US$3,400 as per what Google tells us) uber luxe S3 comes with a free Amosu Couture calf leather case worth £200 with the color of your choosing. not convinced how good a GALAXY S3 will look crystallized? well then, feast your eyes to some imageries available after the break, courtesy of Alexander Amosu.

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