Libratone Zipp

Libratone Zipp
Libratone Zipp | from US$399.00 |

many of us have been reaping the benefit of Apple’s AirPlay that offers us wireless, lossless streaming but still we face an issue: wireless network. yea. however good the AirPlay is, it won’t work without a wireless network which we suspect is also the very reason why Bluetooth streaming suddenly becomes a more favorable proposition. with the Libratone Zipp, AirPlay becomes a truly viable wireless streaming option. thanks to Libratone’s all-new PlayDirect technology, it creates a direct WiFi connection between the Zipp and your iDevices, Mac or PC without being close to any WiFi network. that and pretty face asides, it features one 4″ low frequency driver, two 1″ ribbon-based tweeters, built-in digital signal processing, 60W of full digital amplification 2.1 stereo system, Libratone’s FullRoom technology for a 360-degree sound, changeable handpicked Italian wool covers with eight vivid colors to choose from, leather handle, and a built-in rechargeable battery pack for up to eight hours of playback wired and up to four hours on wireless mode. the Libratone Zipp will be available as a three-color pack that include two extra wool zip-on covers. choose between the Classic Color Collection with Pepper Black, Petrol Blue and Raspberry Red covers or the Funky Color Collection that includes Pepper Black, Passion Pink and Pineapple Yellow covers. arriving this October with a price tag of $449. separate covers can be purchased at $49 each. separately, Libratone Zipp in Salty Grey or Raspberry Red will be available exclusively at Apple Stores and Apple Online starting from October 2012 for $399.

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