What We Have Missed: Day 210, Week 31 In The Year Of 2014

Soto Pocket Torch Turns Regular Lighter Into A Wind-resistant Burner if you use a lighter, you will know to use cheap disposal ones and you will also know the frustration when lighting in windy condition. the solution? the Soto Pocket Torch. it will turn almost any regular lighter into a mini blowtorch, outputting a flame […]

Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker

one thing that’s for sure is, the market is definitely not short of well-rounded speakers that have high-quality audio streaming covered, but not every one could be as versatile when it comes to placement and still look good wherever you place them. the Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker is one of those that happens to boast

Libratone Zipp

many of us have been reaping the benefit of Apple’s AirPlay that offers us wireless, lossless streaming but still we face an issue: wireless network. yea. however good the AirPlay is, it won’t work without a wireless network which we suspect is also the very reason why Bluetooth streaming suddenly becomes a more favorable proposition. with the Libratone Zipp, AirPlay…