Jarre AeroSystem One by Lalique

Jarre AeroSystem One by Lalique
Jarre AeroSystem One by Lalique | €12,000.00 | www.jarre.com

we have to agree that besides the price point, the AeroDream One by Jarre Technologies is anything but practical, unless you enjoy scaling a ladder to dock your iPod touch and isn’t afraid of height. anyway, unbeknownst to some, Jarre actually do have smaller models that’s within reach to most folks, well, in terms of both height and pricing. the AeroSystem One has been around for a good two years now but if you are in the market for something with a little more unique character and the original €799 price tag hasn’t knock you off your feet, then perhaps a pricer piece touch by Lalique might fancy the individualist in you. dubbed the AeroSystem One by Lalique, it shares similar features as the regular AeroSystem One which includes two 3″ drivers, a 5.25″ subwoofer, built-in amplifier that pumps out 60W of bass and 30W to each of the two drivers, Apple 30-pin connector, USB 2.0 port for playing media off USB flash drives or external hard drives, a 3.5mm mini jack, and an IR remote. the innards might be the same but aesthetically, it is a work of art that resonant the harmonious marriage between the art of sound reproduction and the intricate art of crystal production. the Lalique crystal that decorates the lower portion of the 1 meter (3.3 feet) tall speaker system depicts jets of water emerging from the Masque de Femme – a scene that reminds us of the art decor of the renaissance period. a perfect coming together of music as an art and a modern art piece. for €12,000 (roughly US$15,450), this is not just any sound dock but an artistic sculpture which bears a heavy retro-future appearance. it will certainly makes you ignore fact that Apple 30-pin connector is part of tech history. take a look at the making of the crystals in the video after the break.

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