Look at the Google Pixel phones. Saved for the first, Google didn’t quite put in effort in the design. However, if the recent leaks are to be believed, then it appears that the search giant may have finally tried. “Tried” is the keyword here as it does not mean it is pretty.

Google Pixel 6 First Look by Front Page Tech

Now, it is worthy to note that specs are no existence at this point. Except maybe for the recent report that Google may be using its own silicon chip. But that’s not why we are here. We are here because, we have been putting up with half-hearted design that only its designers could love.

Remember that gigantic forehead of the Pixel 4? Ugh. The thought of it just wanna make me throw up. The clean back, low profile design were nice, but it was spoil by the motion sensing radar that nobody asked for.

Google Pixel 6 First Look by Front Page Tech

According to the Front Page Tech, there will be two models. A regular Pixel 6 and a Pixel 6 Pro. They will share the same design language with the former getting a dual camera setup and the latter, a triple camera setup. Again, specs are not known at this point.

The camera system will be on a band-style module that runs across the wide of the phone. And the device will be dual tone with the part above the camera band in one color and the section below it, another color. A classic Pixel design cue from Pixel 1-3.

Google Pixel 6 First Look by Front Page Tech

The design is OK, IMHO. But if you were to compare with previous Pixels, I’d say it is a significant design improvement – at least it is visually. We shall not speculate.

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Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech have a lot more for you on this new exciting design development which he claimed to be from a reliable source.

Google Pixel 6 First Look by Front Page Tech

All images courtesy of Front Page Tech.

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