Imagine if you are have a makeshift harvest paddock that you want to secure where vehicles will be going in and out. A regular gate would require manual opening of the gate. Auto gate is probably out of question because, likely, there is not going to have a power source. This situation calls the OzAutogate Power-free Automatic Gates.

OzAutogate Power-free Automatic Gates

Now, OzAutogate is not news. It has gotten a lot of attention back in the 2010s and it has been in used in Australian farms as far back as 1993. But hey, if its an innovation, it is worthy of the mention This innovative gate has seen been made available in the U.S., btw.

The OzAutogate requires zero electricity and the simplicity of the mechanism means there is no worry that it will break down like power gates eventually do.

The clever design automatically lifts the gate up and to the side simply by driving a vehicle to the gate. The magic lies in a ramp-like mechanism that, when an automobile rolls on to it, it triggers the gate to lift up and to the side.

OzAutogate Power-free Automatic Gates

Once the gate clears completely, the vehicle can proceed to drive forward. When the vehicle is clear of the gate, the ramp pops right up – slowly, of course – by the virtue of a hydraulic system, and lowers back the gate. Genius!

The ramp-like contraption can be found on both sides of the gate and thus allowing in and out activation.

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Now, some people may ask why such a gate? Well, the first and obvious reason was mentioned earlier: no power source. Plus, it requires virtually no installation. This means it can be deployed as and where it is needed. The time you save can be used to set up the rest of the enclosure. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

OzAutogate Power-free Automatic Gates

You can learn more about this ingenious invention HERE. And oh, it is available to buy. Costing $2,500 or more each. The currency, I believe, should be Australian dollar.

Images: OzAutogate.

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