autonomous robot car available for purchase in Japan

ZMP Robot Electric Car 544px
(image credit: ZMP RoboCar MEV) ZMP Electric Robot Car | from ¥2.8 million

this is amazing. a real working autonomous robot car that money can buy. announced recently by ZMP – who are not new to electric robot car – this new generation single-seater robot car has a newly developed autonomous system. the ZMP Robot Electric car is capable of driving itself with the help from stereo camera, inertial measurement unit or IMU, speed sensor and of course, laser range finders.
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three models will be available, with price ranging from ¥2.8 million to ¥6.8 million. needless to say, the autonomous model is the range-topping model. since there are prices to it, i am guessing autonomous vehicles are road legal in Japan. before plonking down a cool ¥6.8 million (around US$82,000) on an autonomous vehicle, we have ask ourselves: do we trust a robot to ferry us around, sharing the road with other folks who do the driving themselves?

via Akihabara News

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