Apple Full Gold iPhone 4S

Apple Full Gold iPhone 4S by Amosu Couture
(photos: Amosu Couture) Apple Full Gold iPhone 4S | £1,999.00 |

the hype surrounding the upcoming iPhone 5 may be in full steam but that doesn’t stop luxe-up phone maker Amosu Couture from launching yet another luxury version of the iPhone 4S. costing a cool £1,999 or about US$3,125, based on the current going rate, the Apple Full Gold iPhone 4S has a full 24ct mirror gold body in place of the original glass and metal construction. everything from the rear cover to the bezel to the home button is embellished in the stunning 24ct gold mirror finish. the good news for those folks with deep pockets, this is not a concept and it is something that your money can buy. the only downside is, it will definitely be a huge fingerprint magnet but we guess you will probably be too blinded by the gleaming phone to notice those smudges. click past the jump for a few more larger views courtesy of Amosu Couture.

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