I have never gotten around in using the ring thingy that goes on the back of the phone. I am paranoid. I don’t feel safe inserting ONE finger into the ring. Enough blunt force could tear the finger right off. Like I have said, I am paranoid. Then, I saw the CLCKR in our inbox.

This new accessory might just quell the fear that I have with the ring, while still offering the same functionality. Like the ring, it serves a secure way to hold your phone (thankfully with MORE THAN ONE finger!) and also double as a stand for both portrait and landscape orientations.

Also like the ring type stand/grip, it can be collapsed to a minimum thickness when not in use. Though, it looks much thinner than a typical ring. But I can’t be sure. If it is thinner, it will be a boon cos’ not everyone fancy yet another major bump on the back of the phone.

CLCKR Smartphone Stand and Grip

CLCKR Smartphone Stand and Grip is available as a standalone stand/grip (Universal CLCKR), or integrated into a phone case (CLCKR Case Collections). The Universal CLCKR adheres to the back of your phone with 3M adhesive and it will work with virtually any phone or phone case there is in the market.

It comes in a choice of colors. If you are down, you can pick it up from Amazon and CLCKR website for $9.90-$29.99 a pop.

CLCKR Smartphone Stand and Grip

Images: STRAX.

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