unbeknownst to average joe like us, there is actually luxury champagne catering to those who desire for the taste of opulence – literally. however, for some elite few, mere luxury just isn’t good enough – it needs to be the world’s most expensive and as such luxury champagne brand Goût De Diamants commissioned luxury designer Alexandra Amosu to create an one-off design for one of Goût De Diamants’ private client. the result is what you see here: a whopping 1.2 million English pounds (about US$1.9 million) champagne with a bottle adorned with Superman-style emblem, handcrafted from 18 carat solid white gold, embellished with a single flawless deep cut 19 carat white diamond. of course, that’s not all there is to it (it’s 1.2 millions quid for goodness sake) – as a symbol of exclusivity and exquisiteness of this ‘personalized’ luxe sparkling wine, the label is also handmade from 18 carat solid gold and engraved with the client’s name.

btw, the norm for any of Goût De Diamants bottles is an exquisite diamond-theme bottle design encrusted with a diamond cut Swarovski crystal, so this is just taking a step up (or rather many steps up), by offering those who have too many quids to expend, the ultimate in luxury of taste. don’t get put off by the one-off thing, we are pretty sure Goût De Diamants will be more than happy to craft another masterpiece for you as long as you have the extra dough to spare. however, if you don’t, there is always a gallery for you to ogle over.

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