If you are in the market for a Batman collectible figure that has even more details and likeness to Robert Pattinson than the MAFEX The Batman Action Figure, then look no further than the InArt The Batman 1/6 Collectible Figure by Queen Studios.

InArt The Batman 1/6 Collectible Figure by Queen Studios

InArt is a new line 1/6 scale collectible posable figure from Queen Studios, which is better known for its awesome sculpture of pop culture characters. I believe the InArt The Batman 1/6 Collectible Figure is the fourth figure from the line following Pennywise, Gandalf The Grey, and The Dark Knight Joker figures.

There are altogether five versions to choose from. There is The Batman and Bruce Wayne figure as he was seen in the 2022 movie. The two versions are further divided into two formats: Deluxe and Standard, plus there is a special package that has both figures.

InArt The Batman 1/6 Collectible Figure by Queen Studios

Finally, there is a Bat Signal set, also in 1/6th scale to match the figures. The standard version has regular sculpted hair while the Deluxe version gets rooted hair plus a laptop accessory for the Batman figure.

Other highlights include rolling eyes, interchangeable facial expressions, interchangeable hands, real fabric and wool materials, and a whole lot of accessories, including the riddle cards painstakingly recreated in 1/6 scale. Now that, my friends, is a Batman collectible figure super fan should not miss.

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The InArt The Batman 1/6 Collectible Figures appear to be a China-only product. However, we find a few Singapore-based online retailers are taking pre-orders for the series. Oh My Primus (S$340-1,200) is of them which does ship internationally. Prices start at around 1,480 RMB and run up to 5,280 [CH], or thereabout (about US$217-775).

Images: Queen Studios.

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