Carhartt x The Batman Limited-Edition Collection

For the first time in the history of live-action Batman movies, there is a Batman movie that actually hints that Bruce Wayne did roll up his sleeves to work on his gadgets and gears, including the Batmobile. Granted, we never actually see him in action and therefore, we will never know what was he wearing …

Infinity Studio The Batman Life-size Bust: Will You Look At The Batarang!

Your love for the new Batman movie will have to be super deep to be wanting the Infinity Studio x Penguin Toys The Batman Life-size Bust. While you may not need Bruce Wayne’s kind of wealth to buy one, US$3,493 apiece is still a considerable amount to many.

Quick Words About The New Batman Movie And The Significance Of The New Batmobile

Alright. I may be a little late on this but please hear me out. After much procrastination, I finally decided to step into the theater to catch Matt Reeves’ The Batman. It was a brave act considering how inconsiderate some people can get in theaters in a time like this