Color Couture iPhone 4S by Amosu Couture

Color Couture iPhone 4S by Amosu Couture
(photos: Amosu Couture) Color Couture iPhone 4S by Amosu Couture | £1,299.00 |

iPhone 4S is a great phone but having seen the same (old) design over the last two years, it is kind of getting monotonous to us. sadly, that is the truth. if you share the same sentiment as us and has a little bit of cash to splurge (we don’t), the Color Couture iPhone 4S by Amosu Couture might be worth considering. especially so if you find a need to add some radiant colors to brighten your days. the fact that it is an iPhone 4S needs little introduction, so what you need to know is that Amosu Couture has three refreshing colors: sunshine yellow, ocean blue and valley green on its menu for your consideration. however, if you have desire for other hues such as red, purple, orange, or pink, they are also available on request. other customization options include having your name or your company logo printed on the back of the handset. a perfect opportunity for you to shake that black suited corporate image and explore the flamboyant side of you. though, we got to warn you that such touch of individualism isn’t going to be cheap. the Color Couture iPhone 4S (64GB model) by Amosu Couture will set you back at a cool £1,299 or US$2,060, based on the current exchange rate.

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